Head Shot Session

Our digital Head Shot Sessions are designed to get the best out of each of our clients for photographs to be used in any place they might need. The majority of our clients in Dubai will always use those headshots in their social media profiles like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and many more. Our corporate clients use those headshots in internal profile systems and press related publications. In reality the possibilities are endless.


Based on your needs we can create the appropriate look to match your desired headshot, be it personal branding, corporate, acting, modeling or anything you need.


We will work with you to get you confortable in front of the camera during the session through personal engagement, coaching and multiple checkpoint breaks were you would be able to see the photographs we took thus seeing your progress in real time. We have found those techniques always get our clients comfortable during the session and end up getting the best photographs.


Your Session

We start the session with a couple of test shots to see what works best for each client, in this time we will be looking at different angles, facial expressions, backgrounds and lighting styles to see what works best. Each person is different so we find your best look during that first stage.


Once we lock on a couple of angles and looks that work we start working those photos together while guiding and coaching you on each shot to get the looks we want. This is when the fun starts!


We usually take 3 to 4 checkpoint breaks for you to be able to see the progress we are making and chose the photos you like and delete the ones you don’t like. We will be working and giving you our feedback on the photos as we go through this exersice. Our aim here is to make sure your happy through out the session and by the time your done you know that you got the photos that you love.



We highly recommend you bringing at least 3 to 4 different clothing options for the shoot. Your main concentration would be on tops if you’re looking for headshots. The most important thing while choosing your clothing is to make sure you love what your going to wear and that your comfortable in it. If you love it you will look great in it, if your not comfortable you will not be able to relax during the session.


Try and bring multiple colors of tops as we can see what works best during the session, also everything from t-shirts, tank tops to sweaters and light jackets could be an option.


If you don’t have it with you, we can’t shoot it!


Try avoiding busy clothing with crazy patterns, stripes and checkered clothing, simpler is always better.


Hair & Makeup

Makeup for women is highly recommended for the session. Make sure to go for simple and clean looks. Makeup reacts to studio lights in many different ways thus make sure to avoid cream based makeup. As for hair, the simpler the better, our focus if your face and the beauty/handsomeness it possesses thus we want to keep the focus on that beauty/handsomeness.


We can also recommend and supply makeup artists that work with us, thus makeup and hair can be applied before or during the session. Should you chose to go with that option please let us know before hand as our makeup artists are freelancers that need notice in advance. Pricing and payment details can shared once this options is request. You will have to pay the makeup artist directly.


With regards to jewellery, we highly recommend that you avoid all kinds of jewellery; should you chose to have jewellery on, make sure its simple and small as not to take away from the essence of the photograph which is you.


Costing and Scheduling

Depending on the session length and if you would require makeup or other services the sessions length would vary in pricing. On average the actual shoot would take between 1 hour to an hour and half. Makeup and hair might require 30 minutes to 1 hour extra.


Also depending on the location of the shoot the session might vary in length and pricing. We have two options with regards to locations, home studio sessions in JLT or studio sessions in Alserkal Avenue Arts District in Dubai the United Arab Emirates.


Once you reach out to us to book a session we can work out all the details with regards to scheduling and pricing. A deposit of 50% is required 4 days before the session date. All payments can be made in cash


Charges for the session will start on the agreed upon starting time..


Photographs, Retouching & Printing

Once your session is complete we will be creating a Client Page for you where you can view all the photos that we took during the session. You will be able to select the photos you like the most and request retouching and printing options from your personalized Client Page. You also have the option of password protecting your page and sharing it with friends or family should you choose to do so.


On average we will end the session with 25 to 50 photographs that we both agreed to keep, we will be shooting many many more but would end the session with the ones you like the most. We will offer 5 photographs for post processing/retouching for free and additional photos can be retouched at an additional cost. You will always have access to your photos on the Client Page and can download you’re retouched photographs in high-resolution at anytime.


We offer printing services as well up to A3 (29.7 x 42.0cm), this can be done from your Client Page or by reaching out to us to arrange the same.

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