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What You Need to Know
Aerial shots traditionally needed a helicopter, that is no longer the case. Todays advanced drones can achieve beautiful high quality cinema grade video and aerial photography that was just not possible before.

What Do I Use and What Can I Deliver

I use a DJI Inspire 2 and DJI X5S Gimbal Camera in all my aerial work, the Inspire 2 is DJI’s cutting edge drone released in 2017 with powerful video and photography capabilities and a multitude of safety features to ensure the safest flight possible.

Based on that I can delivery:


H.264 – up to 4K – up to 60 fps

H.264 – HD – up to 120 fps


20.8 mega-pixels

We can discuss your exact project needs and cater to your needs accordingly.

What Are the Shoot Pre-Requisites

An Authorized Commercial RPAS certificated pilot by Dubai Civil Aviation Authority is essential for any drone or aerial work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Working with an unlicensed pilot will result in hefty fines starting from 10,000 AED up to 1,000,000 AED depending on the circumstance.

Authorised pilots will have a commercial certification card from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority per drone they operate. This card includes the commercial level certification, drone make, model and serial number. Other certifications include hobbyist and professional but those pilots are not certified for commercial work as per the latest government guidelines.

Dubai Film Commission permissions are also needed for all drone commercial work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Drone shoots need to be pre-approved by Dubai Film Commission, this should include a clearance from Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Ministry of Defense and any other entity owning the airspace that the flight will take place in.

Flight plans are also essential, because of the permissions involved, the exact date and time need to be accounted for with ample time ahead of the shoot to get all the needed paperwork in place, this process can take anything from two weeks to one month depending on the location and time of the flight.

I can assist you with that process, so you don’t need to worry about it.


Safety First

The Drone operator will decide on the day whether it’s safe to fly, adverse circumstances like extreme bad weather, high winds, rain, dust or unsafe surrandings will affect flight possibility.

Flying right above densely populated areas of people is forbidden within the United Arab Emirates, shots of people can be taken at an angle as long as the drone is not directly above them thus please consider the same in your brief.

Flight altitude is usually limited to 120m, if your requirement needs higher altitudes please mention the same in your query as that will need special approval.

Like with any commercial work, safety is key and will take precedence over any requirement, your certified pilot will guide you on those requirements. Failure to adhere by those standards might result in danger to participants and hefty fines.

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